Our mission is to provide industry knowledge, awareness, experience, as well as, the physical and mental training needed to maintain stability, and achieve success in a fast paced and often unstable life style.
— Heather Walker, 2014


Heather Walker , Owner  M 101  | MWA

Heather Walker, Owner

M101 | MWA

Heather Walker is the Owner and Founder of Model101 | The School and MWA Management | Models with Armor. 

It was a sudden illness that forced Heather to leave New York and set up camp with her family, in the very quaint and lovely, Winston Salem, NC.

After about a year, she signed with a local agency.  One of her bookers suggested that she coach the new models.  This basically meant going over the agency's handbook of rules and regulations, but did not have anything to do with actually preparing them mentally, physically, or emotionally for the life and lifestyle that they, or their parents had signed them up for.  Feeling both frustrated and inspired, she went home and began to type questions and concerns that she had about the industry, as well as, finding ways that she could make a difference.  What were the things she wished someone had told her at 14, 17, 21?  What if her parents had been informed, rather than sold an idea?  Heather wanted to give back, educate and develop new talent, as well as, their parents.  It was from her passion to nurture, protect and transform the way the industry works, that Model101 was born. 

Heather is looking to make some serious changes in the way that young talent is introduced to the industry, hoping to leave less casualties along the way.  She is an open book, who rarely holds her tongue and provides a very realistic experience for those interested in being involved in the entertainment business.  The life skills, confidence, strength and knowledge acquired through Model101 are truly benefits that will stay with them forever.

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M101 | MWA, what is the difference?

M101 | MODEL101 is a school.  Although, it is not limited to teaching basic modeling skills.  Those that go through our programs learn how to be the best, most prepared version of themselves prior to attempting their often blind navigation through the entertainment industry.  We build them from the inside out.  Model101 gives them "armor" and support, providing a solid foundation for them to grow.  Whether it be fashion, television, film, or music, we cater to the individual needs of our students.  

-Hopefuls must audition for the Boot Camps, while the Work Shops are open to the public.

MWA Management (Models With Armor) is a development and talent agency.  We are not accepting new talent a this time.  Please check in with us again Spring 2018.

All of the talent signed with MWA are required to go through one of our three Boot Camps, which one, depends on their current level of experience. (*Does not include Photos* ) All talent is offered two free classes a month, in order to keep themselves informed and strong throughout their careers.