Contributors and Volunteers

Many thanks to all the contributors, volunteers and Special Guests. And a very big congratulations, to those who are choosing this night…to Break their Silence, and Break the Cycle of abuse. We are proud to be amongst all of you. Your bravery, kindness, selflessness and hard work, made this happen…And we could not have done it without you. Many, many thanks and positive vibes your way.

"Safe on Seven"


Ebony Coles (Catering, Clothing AND Hair)

MollyAnn Wymer, Actress/Comedienne

Angell Hair Salon

Airtype Studio/Camel City

Alyson Lawton Photography

Tyra Beauty

Willow Sias (Self Defense Class)

Underdog Records

Boho Blu

Nina Woosley of Boho Blu

Billy Bob's Silver Diner

Full Moon Oyster Bar

Becky and Susan from doTerra Essentials Oils

Stewart Knight, XOSK (Expression through Art)

Audri Knight (Face Painting)

Lyn Knight

Heather Walker (Portfolio Builder)

Debbie Sias

Martha Chaney 

Brenda Sharpe

Susan Patton

Kim Morgan