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Models With Armor | "Break the Silence "

MODEL101 | MODELS WITH ARMOR is proud to take part in bringing awareness to Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Child Abuse Prevention and STDs.  These are sensitive subjects, brought to the forefront during the month of April.  We feel that these are topics that should be discussed on a regular basis.  As a modeling agency & school, we feel it is very important to discuss these topics with young aspiring models. 

Everyone knows someone that has been effected by one or more of these topics, or has even experienced it themselves.  We believe that the more we talk about it, the more people will come forward with their stories. The less power these predators will have, and the power will come back to us.

Nobody wants to become a "victim".  It is label riddled with shame.  MODELS WITH ARMOR asks that you Break the Silence and free yourself and others, to stop being a victim and instead become warriors.  Let's fight back together.  It's easier for them to break us down and control us an individual standing alone.  But by joining together and lending a helping hand, our healing process will begin and maybe it will help someone else from becoming a "victim".

"Break the Silence, you are NOT alone."

We need to spread the word.  Tell people to get rid of the shame and take back their power.  Let's challenge one another to "Break the Silence" give a voice to those who are timid, or afraid; and give hope to those who think they are alone.

The shame should rest with them, not you.  So we challenge you to share your story, or to expose the story for someone else, who isn't quite ready.  But I'll tell you from my own experience, that speaking out, is like breaking free.  It's a scary road to walk down.  But I am tired of being a victim and I choose to be a warrior instead,

Please join MODEL101 | MODELS WITH ARMOR is spreading the word and Breaking the Silence.  It's got to start somewhere.  If not with us, start with your local police station, counseling center, meetings, or even church.  Just don't let it fester inside you.  You must set yourself free.  And then it would be great if you could lend a helping hand to those that have yet to find the courage.  We can change things.  But we have to do it together.


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