How we got started... 

August 2013

I've been in and around the entertainment business for 20+years.  When the idea of teaching came into the picture,  I wanted to do more than compile information from my experiences and turn them into classes.  I wanted to share secrets, the hidden truths behind the beautiful clothes and bright lights.  Our programs aren't fit for everybody, but neither is the "business".  In order for me to walk up to a 12 year old girl, that's 5'10, and tell her she should be a model,  I feel like its my responsibility to let her and her parents know what that means.  

All applicants are interviewed prior to being considered either for the school or for Management. We don't want to waste your time and we don't want you, to waste ours either.  The audition process weeds out the serious applicants, from those seeking their fifteen minutes of fame.  We do, however, offer numerous Workshops that anyone can attend.  You could take the same class over and over, and each time it would be different, as we cater each class to those in attendance.

In addition to our Boot Camps, Workshops and Portfolio Builders, we offer Production for small businesses.  M101 | MWA have worked with many local businesses.  Our connections within the community grow with every event, photo shoot and production. The clients get a great product, while our models gain experience and build their portfolios. 

For more details about who we are, and what we do...please take a tour of our site.  If you have any remaining questions, we are happy to oblige.

Kind Regards

Heather Walker, Owner MODEL101 | MWA  Management



Kimberly Smart

The before and after pictures are amazing.

Make up Artist: Jeanette by Bella Beauty | Hair: Emily Thompson | Photography: Heather Walker


Wildflower Boutique is a local business that we worked with during our first session. You can see the full story on our affiliates page.