BREAK THE SILENCE=BREAK THE CYCLE | 1st Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event

Model101 held it's 1st Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event Oct 30, 2015.  We asked for people to join us, in turning the victims whispers, into screams. We hoped to bring awareness and honor those that help from the underground. The people and faces, you don't see, until you need them.  We wanted to Break the Silence & Break the Cycle, and honor "Safe on Seven" for doing just that.  

It was a beautiful and inspiring evening, filled with love and hope.  The walls came down and people spoke about their experiences with Domestic Violence. "Authoring Action", a local Spoken word Organization, joined us and two young gentleman brought us some very powerful words.

Domestic Violence doesn't only happen to single mothers with children.  This is an epidemic that has it's hold on our society, both emotionally and physically. It has an effect on all of us,

If you'd like to join us in "Break the Silence=Break the Cycle", please contact us at #336.525.6101, email: or Facebook,